We think different because we are different 

¿What means think different?


Addis Barrios


Clever, young, and determined with a MBA.  Passionate about transforming ideas into reality, her wide range of experience managing projects for multiple industries and directing high-performance teams generates effective coordination and timely results.

Addis leads AVANZA DXB under a transparent and congruent philosophy focused on real and monetized  results for every client.

Publicist, altruistic, art lover, young and passionate about the growth of human capital.


Expert in brand development and positioning. His freewheeling and practical leadership style is based on results, the establishment of self-sufficient, consistent and well-structured work teams, as well as commitment to invest and detect talented people that will generate value in organizations, spotted through disruptive methodologies.


Ibrahim is part of the new business trend that revolutionizes the concept of work through learning & thinking in a different and unique way, ensuring a radical change, constant and authentic business growth.

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Ricardo Gonzalez


Ibrahim Gonzalez

Founder & CMO​